Suicide or Attempted Suicide

Mental Health problems are on the increase and seeking help from a medical professional is often the last resort.

Have you suffered from incorrect mental health treatment?

When you see a health professional for problems with stress, depression or other mental health problems, then you expect to be in safe hands and to receive help and support. However, many patients with mental health issues are often not provided with the correct treatment and sometimes none at all. This can lead to mental health problems becoming more severe and sometimes results in patients attempting or committing suicide.

It can not only be a very upsetting and stressful time for the patient with mental health issues but also their close family and loved ones. In cases of suicide, grieving loved ones often feel they need answers to understand what has happened and also need their own support and assistance.

If you believe that you have not been provided with adequate mental health support or treatment or a loved one has attempted to commit or has committed suicide; then please call BLV LAW to discuss your case. We can advise you if you have a claim and support you through the process. It may also involve representation at an Inquest.

We work on a "no win, no fee" basis.

There are no fees to pay upfront and during your claim and a fixed fee is only payable if your claim is won.

We can help you achieve the maximum support and financial compensation. You can claim for past and future losses to help support you and your family in coping with the long term effects of any medical negligence that has occurred.

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