Care & Nursing Home Claims

If your loved one has suffered a fall or neglect in a care or nursing home then our experienced medical negligence solicitors may be able to assist you.

Have you suffered neglect in a care home?

A care home is supposed to provide care for your loved one but if you believe that there has been negligence in the care that has been given then we may be able to assist you with a claim.

Care/Nursing home claims can include the following:

  •  Pressure sore claims
  •  Falls that have happened in the home.
  •  Failure to provide adequate medical care.
  •  Medication and prescription errors.
  • Injuries that have resulted from neglect.

The above are only some of the examples that may have occurred and if you believe your loved one has suffered negligence it is important to seek the advice from a solicitor.

If you believe that either you have suffered due to the neglect of a health care professional, call BLV LAW to discuss your case. We can advise you if you have a claim. 

We work on a "no win, no fee" basis.

There are no fees to pay upfront and during your claim and a fixed fee is only payable if your claim is won.

We can help you achieve the maximum support and financial compensation. You can claim for past and future losses to help support you and your family in coping with the long term effects of any medical negligence that has occurred.

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