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Brain Injuries

FACT SHEET - Head & Brain Injuries

The Facts:

Around one million people attend hospital every year because they suffer a head injury. Not only physical effects result from a head injury but also severe psychological problems can occur which can be very serious when the brain is damaged in a head injury.

If a brain injury occurs it may result in a person being in a coma for either a short or long period of time. This can be hours or months. Generally only a small percentage of these people will be able to return to work.

Most brain injuries are classified as being minor but even these can result in a person suffering from headaches, dizziness, tiredness and memory problems. This may lead to anxiety and depression.

Brain injuries have a dramatic impact not only upon the injured person but also their family. This is why specialist advice from both medical experts and specialist Solicitors experienced in these types of injuries is vital to ensure that the correct treatment, care and security for the injured person is obtained.

20% of all head injuries in children are caused by cycling accidents. Cyclists who wear cycle helmets reduce their risk of suffering a head injury by 85%.

See our article on the "the wearing of cycle helmets"

How do you suffer a brain injury?

These happen as a result of the following:-

- Road traffic accident (driver, passenger or pedestrian)
- Motorbike accident
- Cycling accident

The above accounts for nearly half of all brain injuries.

Types Of Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury - This is an injury that has occurred since birth

Traumatic brain injury - This is when there is an outside force which impacts on the skull. It can break the skull and hurt the brain. This can happen in car, motorbike and cycling accidents. Also commonly in pedestrian accidents and accidents in the workplace when a person falls from a height or is hit from falling objects. This type of injury causes the brain to move back and forth across the inside of the skull which causes the nerve fibres to pull apart and damages the brain tissue. This can occur in Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Severe Brain Injury - This can result in damage to the nerve fibres in the centre of the brain and can result in a coma. There may be loss of power in the legs and arms, changes in personality and mood and memory, speech impairment and behavioural problems.

Moderate Brain Injury - This can result in headaches, dizziness, tiredness, irritability, and difficulty with thinking, and lack of attention. Generally people can be unconscious for up to 6 hours and after 5 years or so and they will have psychological and physical problems.

Minor Brain Injury - Most head injuries fall within this group. However, they can still cause headaches, dizziness, sickness, tiredness and memory problems, depression and anxiety.
People who suffer a minor brain injury may have been unconscious for 15 minutes or less.

Brain Injuries to Children - Child head injuries are very common because children have very little sense of danger.

When do these happen?
- Car accidents
- Cycling accidents
- Pedestrian accidents
- Sporting and recreation activities

What should be noted is that 20% of all head injuries in children are caused by cycling accidents.

Do I need a Specialist Solicitor?

Specialist child brain injury legal and medical advice is imperative from the start. Brain injuries can have not only a dramatic impact on a child's life but also for the parents and family. These can be very complex and can have fundamental implications for the future of the child and family.

Our specialist Solicitors will ensure that early interim payments are made to help with ongoing needs such as care, equipment, aids and any modifications that are needed to the family home. We will take an active role in the care and rehabilitation that is required.

What if I think that my child was partly to blame for an accident?

Perhaps your child has not looked as he/she crossed the road and was struck by a motor vehicle?

You should still seek legal advice from our specialist Solicitors as cases sometimes can be brought for compensation. In cases like this it usually means that some of the money awarded will be reduced to reflect the fact that the child was partly to blame. However, this generally only occurs in cases where the child is of a certain age.

Children travelling in cars

Too many children are still not being properly secured by their parents or guardians when travelling as a passenger in a car. New regulations have been in force since April 2006 requiring children and babies to be properly secured by way of a booster seat or baby seat. The lives of babies and children are being put at risk if they are not properly secured.

See our article on why your child should be properly secured in a car

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